A Primer for Development Professionals

Virtual Offering
The live session will be held on March 12, 2021

Advancement Resources is pleased to invite you to spend a few important hours with Dr. Cliff Harris, Faculty Liaison for Development at Stanford Medicine, and Principal Consultant at Clifford Harris Consulting Services. With 10 years in clinical practice as a primary care physician and teacher at UCSF medical school, and 20 years as a medical fundraiser, Cliff brings both worlds together in this dynamic session to help development professionals enhance their language skills to build stronger partnerships with physicians and their grateful patients.

Ideal for medical and healthcare fundraisers and other development professionals who interact with physicians to accomplish their development goals. During this 2.5-hour session, participants will discover how to partner better with physicians as they:

  • Learn the building blocks of medical words to demystify complex terminology.
  • Discover the important role that language plays in building and eroding trust with physicians and their patients.
  • Expand their medical vocabulary and understanding.
  • Gain confidence in working in a medical environment.
  • Create strategies for applying learning to enhance their own work with physicians and grateful patients.