Enhance the Culture of Philanthropy at Your Institution

Advancement Resources’ approach to culture change incorporates a variety of research-based resources and professional services designed to generate commitment to philanthropy as a core organizational value. Recognizing that a thriving culture of philanthropy requires commitment from organizational leadership and engagement of various constituencies, our professional education sessions reach multiple audiences and guide them toward philanthropic excellence. Each program is designed to equip organizations to position their institution for successful, sustainable, and highly beneficial change.

Advancement Resources is your partner to engage advancement professionals, leadership, academic leaders, faculty, board members, volunteers, events professionals, and others at your organization. Through in-depth research and analysis of your unique culture, we will identify opportunities in your current philanthropic environment and develop a customized, actionable plan to raise the level of philanthropy at your institution.


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About Advancement Resources

Advancement Resources is a global leader in research-based professional education, implementation services, strategic event planning, and breakthrough thinking in philanthropy.

Our company has been in practice since 1999 and has trained over 116,800+ professional fundraisers and partners during this time. Leveraging expertise in medical, academic, and nonprofit philanthropy, we partner with organizations to help them realize their full philanthropic potential.

Through this research, we developed a comprehensive array of services that are designed to take your institution to the next level, including professional development, culture change, strategic events, individual coaching, strategic partnerships, and faculty and academic leader engagement.


Comprehensive Services

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Public Offerings

Advancement Resources is pleased to offer virtual training opportunities to help you meet your professional development goals. Whether in-person or virtually, our workshops provide development professionals with strategies and tools to gain confidence, improve relationships, and better engage your donors and potential donors.

The Art and Science of Donor Development

Ideal for seasoned and newer major gifts development professionals, The Art and Science of Donor Development is a powerful means of connecting to the heart of philanthropy. This workshop helps participants understand donor motivations and how to meet the needs of donors as well as those of their organizations.


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International Academy for Advancement Leadership

Empathetic and adaptive leaders who can harness the power of teamwork to thrive in a rapidly changing environment have never been more needed—or more sought after. Ideal for the times, this innovative 6-month virtual program brings together a robust collection of leadership best practices. By exploring these concepts in an exclusive cohort, participants have the opportunity to network with other leaders, grow their skills in critical areas, and explore challenges that can propel them to the next level of career success.


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Changing Hearts and Changing Minds: Inspiring Principal Giving

Logo Campaign of One AR230913Ideal for development leaders, principal giving professionals, and experienced major giving professionals who aspire to meaningfully engage, inspire, and co-create with benefactors. This virtual learning experience will explore the essential shifts necessary to assist benefactors in realizing their most meaningful and aspirational goals through philanthropy. Attendees will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, as well as specific strategies, tactics, processes, and tools to facilitate a transformational Campaigns of One for their most significant benefactor(s).


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Elevate: Coaching Essentials for Managers

Nonprofit managers and leaders are encouraged to attend this rigorous, one-day workshop uniquely designed with a major gifts fundraising focus. In a highly interactive format, the workshop offers tools and techniques to managers of all experience levels that can be applied immediately to coach teams to higher levels of performance.


The Art and Science of Donor Development


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Professional Fundraising for Deans and Academic Leaders

In Professional Fundraising for Deans and Academic Leaders, participants delve into donor motivation and proven process concepts in uncovering and connecting with the philanthropic passions of donors. Designed as a shared experience for both academic leaders and their development colleagues, this training demystifies the fundraising process by focusing on the essential roles that leadership plays in helping donors and potential donors make significant contributions to your institution’s mission, vision, and funding priorities.


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Looking for a training more customized to fit you and your organization’s needs? Contact our team and discuss what options fit your unique goals.