Based on 20 years of research in major gifts fundraising, our professional development programs are designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of all sizes of nonprofit and charity organizations. Through a blended learning approach featuring in-person workshops, online reinforcement, coaching, and more, program participants learn key concepts, strategies, and tactics that are immediately applicable to drive optimal performance in their work with donors and potential donors.

Customized training programs

As we come alongside our clients to explore training solutions, we typically begin with an assessment of the philanthropy team. As leaders identify salient needs, we tailor programs that can vary in duration from a single onsite day to a full year of comprehensive skill development. Our blended learning approach ensures teams have access to in-person, facilitator-led training combined with online reinforcement and individual coaching.

Moving forward, we work with clients to engage stakeholders beyond the philanthropy team. From institutional leadership, to board members and trustees, to key subject matter experts, we develop a plan to equip all who can support engagement with individual donors for their unique, critical roles.

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Customized Fundraising Programs

Onsite, virtual, and public options

In a field experiencing high rates of turnover, training offerings must be convenient and frequent.  In addition to our onsite programs, we are pleased to offer public workshops that allow clients to train individual team members at any point throughout the year. Offered in major cities and online a dozen times per year, our public offerings are designed to supply the broadest possible support to our clients. In addition to frontline training, we also offer public training programs for advancement leaders, frontline managers, and academic leaders.

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Tailored to each audience

Each of our client engagements begins with a brief assessment of the audience, their experience level(s), and the overall client objectives. We are also pleased to provide more detailed needs assessment services for those organizations that wish to train multiple audiences at a variety of experience levels. Following the assessment phase, we develop programs designed to maximize the learning experience by closely aligning content to meet the client’s critical objectives. As appropriate, clients can elect to couple their training offerings with individual coaching and online reinforcement to ensure maximum retention.

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