NHS Charities Together LogoAdvancement Resources has partnered with NHS Charities Together to offer an educational fundraiser workshop series.



The programme will include a three-part virtual workshop series for fundraisers. Please see the description and registration links below for each session.


Session 1 | Building a Culture of Meaningful Philanthropy

This 6-hour workshop provides a greater understanding of fundraising opportunities within hospitals and other healthcare communities, and how fundraising team members can work together to maximise these opportunities. Participants gain new perspectives of donor motivation in the care environment; explore concepts, processes, and tools for building relationships with donors and deepening their commitment; and discover key elements of identifying team members’ roles in donor development.

Tuesday 2 July – Wednesday 3 July 2024

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Session 2 | Donor Relationships and Making the Ask

This 6-hour workshop focuses on securing, planning for, and executing impactful meetings with patients/family members and with donors. Participants work with a partner to discuss and develop an action plan for their next meeting with a potential donor using the five-step process for an effective donor meeting.

Wednesday 11 September – Thursday 12 September 2024

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Session 3 | Engaging Clinicians in Fundraising Partnerships

This 6-hour workshop prepares fundraising staff to optimise engagement of clinicians as fundraising partners. Emphasis is on concepts, processes, and skills for building strong professional working relationships that lead to increased giving.

Wednesday 1 October – Thursday 2 October 2024

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The 3-session fundraiser workshop series booked by 1 July 2024




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