We offer a robust array of services to support our clients as they prioritize clinician engagement. Recognizing clinician engagement as a key element of a successful Referral-Based Medical Philanthropy System (or “Grateful Patient Program”), our team helps clients in the healthcare space develop tailored strategies for driving successful and sustainable referral partnerships. In addition to supporting engagement of key clinicians, we also offer resources to enhance leadership and board engagement in referral-based philanthropy.

Implementation tools and onsite support

Successful clinician engagement requires a broad toolbox of techniques, communications, and strategies for the philanthropy team to utilize. Our team builds and delivers tools customized for your program, including in-person workshops, one-on-one clinics, pre- and post-training communication resources, and more. We also train the philanthropy team to embrace the opportunity and provide the onsite support necessary to implement each of these tools successfully.

NP Landing Page MASTER 220517 768x492Phased program design built for sustainability

Our research proves that organizations most successful in clinician engagement build their programs strategically to fully support expansion and growth. Therefore, our customized clinician engagement programs are designed in timed phases in order to maximize sustainability. Further, we layer training with various audiences to equip all stakeholders to fulfill their unique, critical roles.



Scalable solutions for organizations of every size

Each hospital, health system, and medical center has unique cultural dynamics that inform its clinician engagement needs. Working in partnership with the philanthropy team, we determine the most appropriate approach for each organization’s specific environment. Through an initial program design phase, we assess existing strengths and opportunities for improvement, then create tailored recommendations to define and drive greater success.