Our certified coaches specialize in working with development professionals of all experience levels to refine their skills and equip them for successful and fulfilling careers. Designed both to stand alone and to complement and reinforce the research-based solutions provided in our comprehensive professional development programs, coaching is an invaluable resource for professionals in every position with fundraising responsibilities, from new major gift officers to managers and leaders.

Focus on skill application and professional development

Each coaching engagement is designed to address the unique needs of the individual and the agreed-upon goals of the client. For those engagements that are part of a professional development program featuring training, our coaches help participants apply workshop concepts successfully. In every engagement, the coach and the individual agree on scope and direction to ensure a successful, individualized approach.

Certified coaches with extensive development experience

All Advancement Resources coaches have completed comprehensive training as they prepare to work with our clients.  With decades of professional experience in applying donor-centric principles as a practitioner, our coaches guide clients toward successful implementation of the same principles in their own daily work through regular conversations, recommendations, and additional resources.

10 Things I Wish I KnewUnique programs for fundraisers, managers, and executives

Our team of certified coaches provides three distinct levels of coaching. High-performing frontline officers are best suited for individual or group coaching following training. These engagements can vary in length and are typically 3 to 12 months in duration. For managers, we offer management-specific individual or group coaching that focuses on targeted areas of growth and development. Our executive-level coaching is highly customizable and specific to each executive, determined in partnership between the executive and their coach.


Are you interested in taking your career and team to the next level of fundraising success with individual or group coaching? Contact us today to explore options.