For transformational philanthropy to be possible, organizations must create a culture of philanthropy that spans beyond the advancement team and engages all members of the organization. Our dean and faculty programs are designed specifically to help and engage deans, faculty, and other campus leaders in the development process and provide them the concepts they need to succeed as philanthropic partners.

Specifically designed for deans and faculty

Deans, faculty, and other campus leaders play critical roles in accelerating the mission of the organization through philanthropy. Designed with the unique perspectives, roles, and learning styles of campus leaders in mind, our programs focus on providing tools, processes, and concepts for those audiences to learn from and confidently apply in real-world situations.

Developed to change behavior and build strong partnerships

Our programs are designed as a shared experience. Campus leaders and their development colleagues work together to demystify the fundraising process and build skills that deans, faculty, and other campus leaders can play in helping donors and potential donors make significant contributions to the institution’s mission, vision, and funding priorities—and build strong partnerships along the way.

The Victorian Model of Courtship for Development

Organization-wide culture shift

As experts in change leadership, our goal is to help organizations embrace philanthropy at every level. We work with advancement teams, organizational leaders, deans, faculty members, athletics professionals, support staff, communications teams, and others, recognizing the challenges that frequently arise for each and helping overcome these challenges to drive a thriving philanthropic culture.