A thriving culture of philanthropy starts with leadership—and we are your partner to both build on current strengths and identify areas of focus. Advancement Resources’ leadership programs are designed to drive sustainable change and provide leadership with the tools and resources needed to help leaders guide their teams to further success. Utilizing our 20+ years of research, we work closely with each organization to determine their biggest goals and create a unique plan to position their teams for continual philanthropic growth.

Integrated solutions to develop leadership at multiple levels

While both roles provide important leadership for your organization, executives and managers have differing priorities. We recognize these differences and customize the engagement to fit what each type of leader needs. By working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients , together we determine the organization’s unique work culture and values in order to provide a strong foundation for the training and coaching we will provide.

Build Your Philanthropy LeagueIndividual and team-based offering

Whether you are looking for leadership training for yourself or your entire team, Advancement Resources is your partner to enhance the culture of philanthropy at your organization. Based on our over 20 years of research into all areas of philanthropy, our team-based trainings are customized for each level of leadership. Frontline managers and advancement executives can further strengthen their leadership skills through our individualized programs that are targeted to best address their needs.

Customized programs to fit your needs

Our programs are built on fundamental adult-learning principles that support adoption of change. Recognizing that changing one’s mindset is key in adopting change, we assist leaders as they guide various team members through these critical processes. Our tailored programs will address your organization’s current state and future vision as you undergo the necessary process of change to establish a thriving culture of philanthropy.

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