An academic leader’s compelling vision should inspire donor commitment to a cause, project, or program. Consider the following additional reasons for communicating a compelling philanthropic opportunity.

1. It contributes to the academic leader’s understanding

Successful articulation of an inspiring and achievable vision requires thinking through implementation. Analyzing the component steps necessary to get from point A to point B often results in identification of potential shortcomings or additional opportunities. A leader who has fully explored the many dimensions of a vision for success is better prepared to more accurately describe the various components (supporting themes) necessary to achieve the vision.

2. It inspires confidence in a competent leader

A compelling vision inspires confidence because people within the academic unit, as well as across campus and in the broader community, know they have a leader who is taking them places. A clear, exciting concept for the future helps engage faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends in a significant unified effort, led by someone they trust, to accomplish something meaningful.

3. It helps others tell your story

A great vision is memorable. When an academic leader communicates in a concise and compelling way, he or she makes the vision memorable and equips the listener with the language to share it with others within their professional and social circles of influence.

Whether mathematician, poet, or scientist, an academic leader should be prepared to leverage any opportunity to share his or her vision with a donor or potential donor in casual or formal settings.

When properly crafted and articulated, an Opportunity Story invites conversation and questions that can lead to significant and meaningful philanthropic investment.

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Professional Fundraising for Deans and Academic Leaders