Can’t get a meeting with key clinicians? Struggling to get your message heard? Not a clear priority to clinical leaders? Dr. Clifford Harris (Stanford Medicine) and Dr. Omondi Nyongo (Sutter Health) share the clinician perspective to opening these doors in both academic and community medicine. Our panel also includes the advancement perspective, provided by Suzanne Kouri (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) and Ben Golding (Advancement Resources).

These four experts discuss the core principles to long-term effective development professional and clinician partnerships including:

  1. Understanding the clinician mindset
  2. Making engagement easy
  3. Demonstrating how philanthropy solves challenges
  4. Overcoming objections clinicians have
  5. Establishing a professional referral relationship

Continuing to build stronger partnerships with physicians and their grateful patients by attending The Language of Medicine Demystified.

Advancement Resources is pleased to invite you to spend a few important hours with Dr. Cliff Harris, Faculty Liaison for Development at Stanford Medicine, and Principal Consultant at Clifford Harris Consulting Services.

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