by Mark W. Jones, Director of Business Development, Advancement Resources

Leadership transitions will be underway at colleges and universities this year.

As they unfold, thousands of new campus presidents, deans, and department heads will be expected to assume a high-profile, leadership role in seeking, developing, and soliciting major philanthropic gifts—and of course, juggle those duties with myriad other expectations.

If you’re one of those new academic leaders, are you ready for fundraising?

  • Can you succinctly state a vision for your new institution, project, or program that inspires philanthropic support?
  • Do you know how to engage a donor meaningfully—and why that matters?
  • Are you confident you will be able to inspire donors to make transformational contributions?
  • Will you be comfortable asking for those contributions?
  • Do you know where your development team’s role ends and yours begins?

Or, if you’re already an academic leader—Can you confidently answer those same questions?

Or, if you’re an aspiring academic leader—Will you be able to answer those questions in the affirmative when you one day present yourself as a candidate?


To assist the new cohort of academic leaders—as well as those who already hold or those who aspire to those positions—and prepare them for success in their new fundraising role, we are pleased to offer an Advancement Resources’ e-book, The Academic Leader’s Guide to Fundraising. To download a complimentary copy of the e-book, please click on the button below.


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To learn more about your critical role in fundraising, attend our public workshop: Professional Fundraising for Deans and Academic Leaders.

Professional Fundraising for Deans and Academic Leaders