Truly meaningful donor stewardship is well planned, individualized, and creates deeper donor engagement with your organization. Before you begin implementing video in your stewardship strategy, take time to thoughtfully prepare.

Planning for video needs to include the following key considerations:

1. What do you want to accomplish?

To put it bluntly, a video without an objective is a meaningless (and potentially expensive) endeavor. The nonprofit sector in particular is inundated with videos that do not seem to have a clear purpose, message, or call to action.

2. Who should participate?

Before you invite anyone to the set, collaborate with your various teams (Major Gift Officers, Donor Relations, Stewardship, etc.) to determine the best individuals for the message you have in mind. Some donors have a strong connection to a particular program or initiative and can effectively speak to that, while others have a history of giving and can candidly talk about the importance of “making the leap” and investing with your organization.

3. How can you think bigger?

Now—before you send out invitations—look over your objectives and interviewees. Challenge yourself and your team to think bigger. If these high-level individuals commit to a video-based interview (and they will likely be thrilled to be involved), how can you think bigger? In what ways can you use the final edited video (website, social media, e-blasts, etc.)?

With the appropriate planning, video can be more than just moving pictures. Video can be a powerful stewardship (and cultivation!) tool.


To learn more about how video can improve your donor stewardship strategy, contact the creative team at Advancement Resources.