Video is one of the best vehicles for emotionally engaging an audience through compelling storytelling about people, information, and ideas they care about and find meaningful. However, without proper planning and a strategic focus on content, your video can send the wrong message.

To fully leverage video to communicate your desired message, planning and preparation is a vital step on your path to success. Before you begin production on any video project, it is critical to identify and understand:

    • Who your audience is
    • What your audience already knows
    • What you want your audience to know
    • How you want them to feel
    • What you want them to do

Once you have fully explored and answered these questions, you can begin the journey of crafting a powerful video message that connects with your audience, fosters viewer engagement, and deepens donor commitment to your institution, program, or initiative.

To learn more about this first step to accomplishing your end goal(s) through video communication, view webinar, Video as an Engagement & Stewardship Strategy, presented in partnership with the Association of Donor Relations Professionals (ADRP).


Video as an Engagement & Stewardship Strategy