As a development manager, you are always assessing opportunities to improve your team’s skills—whether that be securing donor meetings, closing more and larger contributions, or improving professional relationships with development partners, such as deans or physicians. However, with so many options, it is often difficult to decide whether to schedule professional in-house training or send your team members to a public training opportunity.

To help you determine which option is most appropriate for your organization, we’ve highlighted advantages of each.

Public Workshops:

These workshops are held virtually or in-person at various locations and are open to participants from any organization.

In-house Workshops:

These workshops are held on-site for one organization.

Cost Effective for Individuals or Small Groups
The investment is per participant, which can be ideal for small teams, organizations that want to train a few new hires, or individuals seeking professional development.
Cost Effective for Teams or Large Groups
The investment is per session, which is ideal for teams or organizations that want to train a large group. Additionally, because the workshop is held on-site, there are no travel costs for participants.
Repeatable Content
Overall content is consistent from workshop to workshop. This allows participants to share the same experience as those who attended previous sessions.
Customizable Content
Since in-house workshops are held for one organization at a time, these sessions are customizable to fit the unique needs and goals of the participating team members.
Opportunity to Network
Since multiple organizations are represented, participants are able to network and learn from others’ successes and failures in development.
Convenient Date and Location
Organizations are able to schedule each workshop at a time and place that is convenient for everyone involved.
Fewer Distractions
By attending a workshop off-site, participants are able to leave workplace distractions behind.
Team-based Approach
Because entire teams—whether it’s development, health professionals, academic leaders, volunteers, or a combination—participate in in-house sessions together, organizations are able to build camaraderie and a common approach to achieving philanthropic goals.

Now that you’ve determined which option is right for you and your team, it’s time to make a choice. Contact us to explore how we can help your team in driving meaningful philanthropy—either by bringing us in-house or by attending one of our public offerings.

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