In light of Friday the 13th and all things superstitious, we can’t help but recall Groucho Marx, famously quoted: “If a black cat crosses your path, it signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”

There’s not much room for superstition in development work. Truly transformational giving is not a matter of luck, but of process and precise engagement strategy.

Of course, stewardship is one of the centerpieces of a successful donor engagement strategy. We compiled this list of stewardship-centered blogs to help you develop a plan for demonstrating impact, creating return on philanthropic investment, and engaging donors and potential donors in a truly meaningful way.

Throw a surprise party, bring them into the family, convey real gratitude from real people, and know what’s meaningful to the donor.

Share the life-changing impact of your organization, focus on net gain, and redefine “overhead” in terms of excellence.

Emphasize what’s different, personalize communication, and invite the donor’s expertise.

Communicate appreciation, demonstrate philanthropic impact, make a personal connection, and deepen donor engagement.

Development professionals and foundation staff help facilitate joy, passion, and meaning by creating return on philanthropic investments. Doing this effectively requires that development and communication teams adopt a strategic approach based on donor-centric principles. Rely on strategy, not luck. This will leave you fearless, even on Friday the 13th!