Board members and volunteers are a critical part of every organization and their involvement in philanthropy is a key to success. Board members and volunteers who participate in our training designed specifically for them will be inspired to fulfill their unique philanthropic roles, understand how to share their passion for the organization’s vision, and discover the transformational impact they can have on organizational success.

Create and deepen connections

Our trainings help board members and volunteers discover their unique roles in philanthropy and provide them with the tools to play a critical part in the donor development process. By discovering our research on donor motivation, board members and volunteers will gain greater insight into their own engagement with your organization and how to identify affinity in others for the important work you do. They will learn how to channel their passion for your organization into a compelling and personalized story about the opportunities your organization has to offer and how to share it with their personal and professional networks.

Carry the organization’s vision into the community

Because of their passion for your organization’s cause, board members and volunteers can be your biggest advocates within the community. Advancement Resources provides board members and volunteers with the techniques to effectively carry your organization’s vision into the community and discover donors’ stories that match that vision.

IStock 1294958620Customized training programs to foster a greater understanding of philanthropy

Leveraging Advancement Resources’ 20 years of research and professional development, we partner with each of our clients to assess their board members’ and volunteers’ experience levels, and their overall objectives. Then, we create a customized approach to engage these audiences. Whether it’s a brief session during a standing meeting or a comprehensive workshop during a retreat, we work closely with each client to engage their board members and volunteers in a way that best fits their unique culture and enhances board and volunteer commitment to their organization.