The closing days of summer are a perfect time to enjoy the hot sun, cool drinks, and cook-outs with our close family and friends. While warm, sunny days often set the perfect stage for such gatherings, the weather may not always cooperate. Unpredictable summer storms can threaten and intrude on these festive occasions, dampening the spirits of those who are gathered. During these times, it is important to stay focused on things within our control, rather than fixating on uncontrollable things, such as weather.

This also holds true when engaging with donors and potential donors. Focusing on motivators for giving that you can influence and control will not only eliminate unnecessary frustrations, but can also help donors/potential donors deepen their commitment to your organization, resulting in transformational contributions.

Some questions you may consider asking yourself during this process include:

      • What giving motivators have been identified for this donor/potential donor?
      • Where does each of these motivators fall in my Locus of Control?
      • How am I currently helping donors/potential donors locate passions that match the initiatives of my organization?
      • What new or additional things within my control or influence might be done to assist in this process?


To learn more about Locus of Control and other foundational concepts for your important work with donors, we invite you to participate in a public offering of The Art and Science of Donor Development.

The Art and Science of Donor Development