On-demand, e-Learning program for new frontline fundraisers

Designed specifically for you—the early career fundraiser—this research-based learning series equips you with concepts to accelerate your impact on your organization and its important mission. During this series, you will explore the tactics and mindsets that characterize the most successful advancement professionals, gaining key skills, insights, and perspectives to help you launch an effective career.

These courses will provide you with:

  • A thorough understanding of the advancement operation, its components, and how everything interacts.

  • Familiarity with an array of fundraising strategies, including donor meetings, campaigns, partnerships, and events.

  • An opportunity to grow key professional qualities, including resilience, curiosity, and time management.

  • Targeted practice and advice to hone essential fundraising skills, including requesting meetings, making the ask, and engaging donors.

  • Strategies for overcoming challenges and adhering to professional ethical standards that promote safety, inclusion, and respect.