Virtual and Hybrid Experiences Available
Hybrid Offering | A comprehensive 6-month program beginning February 26–27, 2024 in Dallas, TX
Virtual Offering | A comprehensive 6-month program beginning March 4, 2024

Hosted by Southern Methodist University

Empathetic and adaptive leaders who can harness the power of teamwork to thrive in a rapidly changing environment have never been more needed—or more sought after. Ideal for the times, this innovative 6-month program brings together a robust collection of leadership best practices. By exploring these concepts in an exclusive cohort, participants have the opportunity to network with other leaders, grow their skills in critical areas, and explore challenges that can propel them to the next level of career success.

In addition to the workshop sessions, each participant will experience five one-on-one coaching video calls with an Advancement Resources coach throughout the program. All Advancement Resources coaches are experienced development professionals with a passion for helping other professionals grow in their professions, address unique situations, and refine skills. Through confidential open dialog, Advancement Resources coaches can enable improved performance by suggesting strategies and techniques to manage or eliminate real and perceived barriers to success.

Robust intersession assignments between workshop sessions provide the opportunity for participants to optimize learning by immediately applying concepts and tools to real, on-the-job situations to achieve very real results—for themselves and their organizations.

This comprehensive professional growth opportunity is beneficial for leaders throughout all of advancement.