Virtual Offering
A comprehensive 9-week series starting on January 6, 2021

Ideal for development professionals of all experience and skill levels, the Professional Education Series features real-time virtual training, individual coaching, and online reinforcement. The virtual workshop is comprised of eight 3.5-hour sessions over the course of nine weeks. The series also includes five 1-hour coaching sessions with certified Advancement Resources coaches who have experience working as front-line fundraisers, and one-year access to myAR Plus modules that provide valuable practice and reinforcement of the concepts and tools presented during the series.

This comprehensive series is designed to connect participants with the heart of philanthropy through powerful donor stories, interactive application exercises, intersession assignments, and breakthrough techniques for raising the level of philanthropy at their institutions. Advancement Resources’ training content is derived from our own proprietary research and intense, in-depth interviews and observations among top development professionals; academic, medical, and nonprofit leaders; and major donors.