Thank you for reading the 6 Tactics to Improve Development Team Retention summary. We hope this was valuable to you and that you are excited to learn more. The 6 Tactics are take-aways specifically about retention that we uncovered from the research we have conducted into leadership this year.

The full report Advancement Resources Philanthropy Leadership Climate Survey will be available in May 2023. This report provides research-backed insights from in-depth interviews and qualitative insights from other 100 experienced advancement leaders and development officers. In addition to providing more details for the 6 take-aways, you will also discover facts and stats on: portfolio sizing, length of tenure of managers, meeting frequencies and much more.

Our findings are geared towards providing you with the practical insights you need to be successful e.g. It’s common sense that more coaching would benefit your team…but with data from our report you can quantify that benefit according to your own costs and current retention rate.

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