Gemma Downham

Strategic Partner and Coach, UK

Gemma Downham brings to Advancement Resources a wealth of experience and an impressive track record in philanthropy and strategic development. Before joining the team as a Strategic Partner and Coach, UK, Gemma served as the Director of Philanthropy at Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust. In this role, she demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation in fundraising strategies, significantly contributing to the Trust’s mission.

At Advancement Resources, Gemma is poised to leverage her extensive background in philanthropy, combined with her keen insight into strategic planning and goal setting. She will be working closely with development professionals in one-on-one coaching to help them articulate their objectives and craft comprehensive plans. Gemma’s approach is centered on understanding each individual’s unique challenges and opportunities and guiding them through a journey of professional growth.

Her dedication to fostering meaningful relationships and her ability to inspire action will be invaluable to our clients. Gemma’s expertise in philanthropy, combined with her passion makes her a pivotal addition to the Advancement Resources team as they continue to empower professionals in the UK and beyond.