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Carlos “CJ” Ortuño

Associate Facilitator

CJ Ortuño brings expertise in creating philanthropy-based learning experiences through technology and learner-centered design. He’s fluent in nonprofit learning assessments and training, fundraising performance improvement, and more.

As a 20-year development professional, CJ has worked on causes and issues of justice, education, diversity, equity, and inclusion in philanthropy.

CJ is currently the VP of Philanthropy for Civic News Company, a nonprofit news organization dedicated to helping people understand how America works so they can make it work better.  Previously, he was Vice President at Teach for America, where he developed and implemented a fundraising training and coaching program for 200+ fundraisers across the country. CJ has trained volunteers, fundraisers, organizers, board members, academic leaders, and athletic partners in fundraising best and next practices. He’s coached business leaders, executive directors, chancellors, and gift officers by guiding their desire for improvement toward actional mindsets, habits, and techniques.

He resides in Chicago with his wife, Charlene, and daughter Amalia. He spends his free time reading, sipping delicious tea, attending concerts, and traveling.