Staff Bio AmyCarrier 231218

Amy Carrier, Ph.D

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives

With over twenty years of advancement operations and nonprofit management experience, Amy’s expertise lies in driving positive change, fostering innovation, and enhancing organizational effectiveness through the strategic use of technology solutions. In her role she is focused on helping institutions leverage systems and information to reinforce a donor-centric approach to fundraising.

Amy’s leadership style is marked by creativity and collaboration and she is regarded as an inspiring mentor and leader with a strong track record of managing diverse teams. She is a strong advocate for rallying individuals across units to leverage their collective strengths and perspectives, effectively enhancing an organization’s capacity to secure philanthropic support for its mission and initiatives.

Amy’s career journey includes positions at Boston College, Oregon State University, Barnard College, and Georgetown University. She sits on the alumni board of Trinity University and is actively involved with organizations that promote animal welfare and pet adoption. Amy holds master’s degrees in Theology and Public Policy and a Ph.D. in Public Affairs.