What is blended learning?

Through a multi-modal delivery featuring in-person workshops, online reinforcement, coaching, and more, Advancement Resources program participants learn key concepts, strategies, and tactics that are immediately applicable to drive optimal performance in their work with donors and potential donors.

How do I access these resources?

Post-workshop reinforcement is powered by the robust myAR Plus platform. If your organization is subscribed to myAR Plus, or if you are a recipient of Coaching Services, you will receive a username and password via email following the workshop. If your workshop does not include a myAR Plus subscription, you may access a limited set of resources by enrolling in the complimentary myAR platform.

What resources are offered?

Resources available on myAR Plus include interactive e-Learning modules, printable handouts from workshops, exclusive instructive videos, and recommended readings on key reinforcement topics. Additionally, subscribers receive monthly reinforcement emails bringing these recommendations directly to their inbox.

How long does my subscription last?

Subscription length varies based on the workshop being reinforced and your institution’s individual subscription. Please ask your facilitator if you have any questions about the length of your subscription, and they will put you in contact with the appropriate resources to clarify subscription details. Once your myAR Plus subscription ends, you will have access to the resources available on the complimentary myAR Platform.

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