People love to be inspired. We seek out opportunities to witness wonder and to stand in awe of greatness. We long to be passionately engaged and we yearn to make a difference. In the grand scheme of life, it seems like a small thing, this desire to make a difference, to feel confident in your beliefs, and empowered by your actions. Yet, we seem to be in constant search of such motivation. Why then, is it so difficult to find?

It all boils down to communication. What we hear and see influences how we feel and act. It nurtures what we remember. A poorly executed message has the power to turn an audience “off” and effectively blocks any potential progress. This is especially true when communicating with donors and key stakeholders. Even the best matching of passions and organizational opportunities can be lost when the message or delivery method misses the mark.

Well-developed donor communication tools nurture existing relationships while cultivating new and unexpected partnerships. They excite the audience and invite them to become engaged in something profoundly meaningful. It starts with:

1. Great Storytelling

Strike the ideal balance between art and science to craft content that has the power to touch the heart of an audience and move them to action.

2. Vision

Look beyond the obvious and believing in something far greater than what currently exists.

3. Defining Moments

Feature today’s heroes and inviting tomorrow’s champions to rise to the call.

4. Strong Partnerships

Bring together the critical elements of art and opportunity to celebrate generosity, to proudly share its impact, and fearlessly call to action an army of advocates.

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