The sparkle of a first snow, reflecting the moonlight as it piles over an evergreen tree, cotton soft. The twinkle of lights, illuminating shapes of houses where families and friends are gathered. The flavors of gingerbread, peppermint, and cocoa. The sound of a cozily crackling fire. The holiday season is magical, filled with nostalgic meaning from years past.

But, magical moments don’t make themselves.

Shopping, wrapping presents, putting up lights and decorations, cooking and baking, traveling, attending parties or hosting your own, all to make special memories for those we love: The payoff is magical, but the process can feel nothing short of exhausting.

As fundraisers, we have a unique familiarity with the work that magic requires. Philanthropy, when done right, is a bit of everyday magic we can all enjoy—for the betterment of the world around us. As we listen to the passions of others—leaders whose visions inspire us, donors whose personal stories move us—we have the privilege of finding the place where those two perspectives align. When we help donors see how the opportunity to support our organization can fulfill their own philanthropic passions, we create a magical moment. To them, it feels as special and rare as a the most precious of holiday memories.

Yet, that donor’s magical moment of connection could not happen without you. You spent months planning strategic engagement, having conversations and negotiations, and following through on next steps, searching for the right fit. The magic feels effortless to others, but all along, you were there, working tirelessly to make a difference.

This holiday season, we hope you enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. Take a moment to reflect on the magic you created, the moments of joy, warmth, and fulfillment that couldn’t have happened without your unique abilities to listen and connect. Making magic for others is your calling, and we are so privileged to support you as you continue to make that magic happen.