Advancement Resources’ Mauria Brough, Senior Vice President and Ven Batista-Pedro, Senior Researcher share insights and analysis from our new report based on first-hand interviews with major donors about how they feel in 2021. This 60-minute session will:

  • Reveal key findings backed by real quotes from donors.
  • Give you an inside glimpse into the effect 2020 had on donors’ long-term philanthropic values and the balancing of their portfolios.
  • Uncover the Donor Response Personas—a unique framework for thinking about donor engagement in 2021 and beyond.

This webinar qualifies for 1.00 CFRE point.

Download your copy of 2021 Donor Insights to better understand changes in donors’ mindsets during 2020—including actions your organization can take to leverage these changes moving forward.

2021 Donor Insights