Kayla Sickles

Instructional Content Coordinator

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As Memorial Day approaches, many are filled with sense of solemn gratitude and a desire to remember those who have sacrificed their lives in service to their country. It’s a day where communities come together to pay tribute to the those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Often, acts of remembrance involve ceremonies, parades, and moments of silence, but there’s another powerful way to honor the fallen: giving in memoriam—whether that giving be in time, talent, or treasure.

Giving in memoriam offers an opportunity to keep the memory of departed loved ones alive, transcending time. Whether it’s donating to a scholarship fund in their name, volunteering at an organization they loved, or contributing to a cause that aligns with their values, each act of giving becomes a testament to their enduring impact on our lives. It allows us to transform grief and loss into a positive force for change, ensuring that their memory continues to inspire and uplift others. Memorial Day provides an opportune moment to channel your sentiments into meaningful action.

In addition to honoring the memory of loved ones lost, we can give to celebrate those who have served and what they stood for, contributing to both their legacy, and our own. Giving in memoriam helps preserve the legacies of our fallen heroes, ensuring that their sacrifices are not forgotten and that their contributions to society are remembered for generations to come. At the same time, it contributes to our own legacy and highlights what you value in turn: the same ideals of freedom, justice, and equality for which the fallen fought so bravely.

Giving in memoriam can also provide a sense of comfort, solace, and healing. It offers a tangible way to channel powerful emotions and find meaning in life-changing loss. Individuals can honor their loved ones and create new, inspiring memories in the process. Whether it’s planting a tree, establishing a memorial fund, or sharing a donation link with your friends and family, each act of giving (or act encouraging others to give too!) becomes a source of comfort and empowerment.

Just as Memorial Day is not simply a day off, honoring a person’s memory is not a perfunctory or performative gesture. Instead, it is a profound expression of gratitude and reverence. Whether we choose to make a monetary donation, volunteer our time, or simply share stories of those we have lost, each act of remembrance honors the legacy of our fallen heroes in a meaningful way. Let us make the most of this Memorial Day, not only with words of thanks, but with actions that embody the spirit of service and sacrifice. Through the simple act of giving in memoriam, we can pay tribute to those who have given their all and ensure that their legacy endures, creating a beacon of hope for the future.