Turnover is a major challenge for leaders and talent managers in the development field. A recent article in the NonProfit Times noted four objectives for making sure gift officers stay on board:

  1. Incorporate senior leadership (academic or medical) and fellow major gift officers in the hiring process.
  2. Begin a charm offensive: create a sense that people are happy the officer is on board.
  3. Let them know what you expect of them.
  4. Give opportunities to make progress.

These four best practices are fantastic suggestions for creating the type of environment development professionals need to thrive. Coaching and mentorship can make them more effective.

Training partners work directly with leadership, talent managers, and development professionals to create the best outcomes for nonprofit organizations.

Nancy Keon, Vice President of Coaching Services at Advancement Resources, explains, “Many of us come to development from a variety of different paths. We are hired because someone sees in us potential to be successful in our roles. Then, most of us are left to figure it out on our own. Some do that quite well, while others struggle to find their ways.”

Imagine the impact on the world of philanthropy if everyone was provided direct mentoring and coaching that was specifically designed to expedite our professional development. We could engage more donors, inspire their investments in our worthy causes, and bring philanthropy to a much higher level.

Coaching reinforces important concepts and practices that will lead to even greater success. A well prepared development professional will be more readily available to tune into the donors and provide opportunities for meaningful philanthropy.


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