Amid the myriad tasks and responsibilities development professionals must juggle on a regular basis, it can feel as though there is very little time left over for developing new skills and implementing concepts from training. While many new fundraisers are eager for additional support in the form of mentorship or other professional development opportunities, organizations frequently lack the resources to fulfill that need adequately.

In honor of Game and Puzzle Week, we invite you to consider the potential for improvement and reinforcement in your own organization when new skills and training concepts are reinforced through gamification in e-Learning modules.

Gamification is the use of game elements to reinforce learning in non-game situations. Learning through gamification tends to be more powerful because motivation to engage with the educational material increases as enjoyment increases. In adult learning in particular, where additional practice is offered but not required, gamification is an ideal way to incentivize practice of the basic skills needed for success.

See For Yourself

Your myAR account offers several e-Learning courses that reinforce central concepts in donor development. Additionally, institutional membership in myAR Plus provides time-structured reinforcement opportunities that can be tracked by your organization’s managers.


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