School closings, roads in icy disarray, flight cancellations, and record low temperatures — it has been a truly terrible winter so far in many places across the country! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a way to stop the cold, snow, and ice and all of the negative life experiences they create?

Unfortunately, bad weather is something that we are all powerless to change. Similarly, when donors care deeply about an organization or cause, it may be because they have had a life experience that was negative.

For many donors, making contributions to organizations and causes they care about is an important and highly meaningful way to change the world around them. Contributing to your organization allows donors to create a positive experience in response to a negative one, with far-reaching and lasting impact.

Ask & Act

    • Have any donors cited reasons for contributing that are responses to negative life experiences?
    • How can I do a better job of showing these donors what an impact their contributions have made?
    • How can I help potential donors make the connection between their negative life experiences and positive, meaningful contributions?

There are some things in life that nobody can change, but as a development professional, you are uniquely able to connect people to meaningful and important causes where their contributions make positive impacts. Consider how you can help donors turn their negative experiences into impactful philanthropic investments.

Now, go out and make magic happen.


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