Attending Advancement Resource’s flagship workshop The Art and Science of Donor Development, or a similar workshop, is similar to attending summer camp when you were young. During that summer camp experience, everything appears in brighter-than-life technicolor because your are learning wonderful new skills or honing existing ones. You vow to continue the momentum.

And then you have to return to daily life. The enthusiasm you felt is dampened by a myriad of daily tasks. You find it difficult to practice your new skills. Eventually, life returns to “normal.”

Advancement Resources wants you to have that “mountaintop” experience when you attend one of our workshops. We want you to be energized, reinvigorated, and return to your important work with renewed purpose. However, we don’t want you, out of habit, to return to routine ways of fundraising. The best way to prevent the return of the routine is through reinforcing and practicing the content you learned at the workshop. Unlike those summer camp days, where it was solely up to you to keep your momentum moving forward, you have a built-in, blended learning tool literally at your fingertips: myAR Plus.

In addition to libraries of downloadable information and videos, myAR Plus includes interactive training modules to help you practice the concepts you’ve learned. Each brief module requires you to actively engage with the content in meaningful ways and includes links to other related resources. Savvy leadership assigns the modules to their teams for review and allots time during weekly meetings to reinforce what the team has practiced online by applying the concepts to donors and potential donors.

Hop on to the myAR platform to test out some of the resources. Organizations that bring Advancement Resources in-house are offered myAR Plus as part of a blended learning package for various workshops, including The Art and Science of Donor Development, to strengthen and reinforce the training they have received.

Practicing what to say can be extremely beneficial—especially when it helps development professionals clarify a strategy for engaging donors. Recently, through practicing with modules about the Donor Development Chart and the Nine Navigation Points, a development professional was able to clarify the engagement strategy for a donor her organization had fruitlessly worked with for seven years to finally secure a multimillion-dollar contribution. “The experience provided the fundamentals of best practices in fund development as we moved forward with our donors,” the development professional shared.

Our workshops can provide the high of a mountaintop experience, and our e-Learning training develops the breadth of knowledge that makes for effective fundraising. Philanthropy is all about engagement—and myAR Plus provides just that.

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