Advancement Resources is pleased to share several resources so you and your team can successfully drive meaningful philanthropy at your organization.

Webinar Series

IStock 1294958620Getting Your Hands on Your Community Foundation’s List!

We’ve all heard it or thought it, “Oh, what I would do if I could just get their list.” So, what would you do with your local community foundation’s donor-advised funds account owner list? This webinar explores that question and introduces a completely different way of working with local community foundations and the donors they serve. Richard Peck, VP of Development and Philanthropy serves at New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and Veronica Jamison, VP of Donor Services at the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis shed light on the inner workings of two of the most successful community foundations and their work with donors, universities, colleges, health systems, and other organizations.

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IStock 1272457790The Next Chapter: Donor-Advised Funds

Giving stayed strong in 2021 hitting $484.85 billion, however, the growth in giving did not keep pace with inflation, causing challenges for many nonprofits.

Ben Golding and Venancio Batista-Pedro are joined by Laura MacDonald from Benefactor Group for an engaging conversation about the recently released Giving USA 2022: The Annual Report on Philanthropy. During this interactive webinar, the panel discussed the top-line Giving USA numbers with a unique dive into the new data around donor-advised funds and what their increasing popularity means for your institution.

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Kristina yadykina unsplashHerding Cats to Inspire Collaboration

Today’s top donors are philanthropreneurs—savvy individuals who seek to invest in big ideas driven by cross-disciplinary, collaborative teams. At Kansas State University, academic leaders and their development partners have developed a unique approach to innovation that brings together the best minds across the university to create philanthropic opportunities that leverage the qualities philanthropreneurs most value. Also presented at the 2022 CASE All Districts conference, join Sheila Walker, Associate VP at KSU, and Darrell Godfrey, Senior VP at Advancement Resources for this relevant and trending topic discussion and learn how KSU has collaborated across college and administrative lines to inspire transformational giving through big, interdisciplinary ideas.

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Public Offerings

Professional Fundraising for Deans and Academic Leaders

June 13–14, 2024 | Denver, CO

Dynamics of Clinician Engagement

June 18–19, 2024 | Virtual Offering

Transforming Your Organization with Individual Giving

August 12–14, 2024 | Virtual Offering 

Virtual Briefings for Advancement Teams

A series of 90-minute, virtually conducted sessions designed specifically for advancement teams.

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The Art and Science of Donor Development Refresh: This facilitator-led discussion for past ASDD participants features a review of several key workshop tools, including the Donor Development Chart, Priority Grid, and the Process for Locating Philanthropic Passion™. The purpose is to re-engage the advancement team in the processes, concepts, and tools that drive meaningful philanthropy.

Donor Development from a Distance: This facilitator-led discussion focuses on how donor engagement can continue—and deepen—through a virtual or remote donor development strategy. The purpose is to inspire advancement teams to the vast possibilities for engaging donors, near or far.

Engaging Clinicians in Philanthropy: This facilitator-led discussion explores the opportunity created through clinician engagement, common barriers and how to overcome them, and core elements of successful partnerships. The purpose is to provide a preview of Advancement Resources’ vast research into clinician engagement.

Mastering Virtual Donor Engagement: This facilitator-led discussion presents strategies for virtual and remote engagement with donors and constituents, featuring practical advice from virtual engagement experts. The purpose is to equip advancement teams to leverage virtual tools to tell stories, capture videos, and bring their mission to life.

The Opportunity Story: This facilitator-led presentation equips advancement professionals to partner with subject matter experts in crafting philanthropic opportunities for a variety of audiences. The purpose is to offer a high-level view of the process for transforming a funding priority into an inspiring philanthropic opportunity.

Partnering with Academic Leadership: This facilitator-led discussion of key academic leader perspectives highlights concepts to enhance advancement partnerships with deans and senior faculty. The purpose is to provide advancement professionals with insights that will assist in building a foundation of trust with academic leaders.

Priority Setting and Personal Success: This facilitator-led discussion focuses on time management and appropriate priority setting, both in a traditional office and in the WFH environment. The purpose is to assist team members in creating clear goals and overcoming obstacles to achieve their goals.

Recovery for Teams: This facilitator-led discussion draws parallels from the world of healthcare to illustrate organizations’ pathways to recovery from crisis, from pre-crisis health to post-crisis next steps. The purpose is to equip advancement teams with the tools to hit the ground running with a philanthropically healthy operation post-crisis.

Remote Manager’s Tactics and Strategies: This facilitator-led discussion touches on innovative methods for creating team member engagement for teams that work remotely. The purpose is to drive greater team member engagement, retention, and performance from a distance.

Donor Insights 2021: This facilitator-led discussion presents Advancement Resources’ research study into the evolving attitudes and giving habits of major donors in the United States and Canada, as affected by the events of 2020. The purpose is to better understand the current donor climate and how advancement can engage donors based on their various responses to crises.

Optimizing the Follow-up Meeting: This facilitator-led discussion is delivered in tandem with Advancement Resources’ workshops for clinicians and healthcare leaders and focuses on strategies for leveraging the momentum of the workshop to drive clinician engagement. The purpose is to equip fundraisers to conduct purposeful, productive meetings with clinicians.

Securing Commitment and Stewardship: This briefing will focus on securing financial commitment and delivering an exceptional stewardship experience. Participants will engage in brainstorming effective ways to personalize these activities to the individual donor.

Individual Coaching Services

Our certified coaches specialize in working with development professionals of all experience levels to refine their skills and equip them for successful and fulfilling careers. Designed both to stand alone and to complement and reinforce the research-based solutions provided in our comprehensive professional development programs, coaching is an invaluable resource for professionals in every position with fundraising responsibilities, from new major gift officers to managers and leaders.

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Lets Put the Awe Back in AltruismLet’s Put the Awe Back in Altruism: So get Your Aspiration in Gear!

Awe, according to research, makes us kinder and more generous. So get your aspiration in gear and let’s create spiritual points along the horizon.

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6 Tactical Tips for Securing Meetings6 Tactical Tips for Securing Meetings

Development professionals face many hurdles when connecting with potential donors. How do you stand out in a donor’s overflowing inbox or avoid becoming yet another message languishing in the donor’s voicemail?

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4 Strategies to Rebound from 20204 Strategies to Rebound from 2020

As we emerge from 18 months of disruption in our lives, research indicates that donors are thinking about the future and revisiting their giving priorities. Over several months in 2021, Advancement Resources conducted in-depth interviews with 27 major donors about the impacts of the 2020 pandemic and recent social justice issues on their philanthropic giving and values.

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Are You Making the Most of Your Time?Are You Making the Most of Your Time?

Time management is difficult in all stages of a career, and often the duties grow more complex as you achieve higher goals in your career journey. Those who are successful manage their time strategically. This doesn’t mean they do everything; rather, they find a way to make sure everything gets done.

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On-demand, e-Learning program for new frontline fundraisers.

Designed specifically for early career fundraiser—this research-based learning series equips you with concepts to accelerate your impact on your organization and its important mission. During this series, you will explore the tactics and mindsets that characterize the most successful advancement professionals, gaining key skills, insights, and perspectives to help you launch an effective career.

  • Experience virtual courses at any time and any where
  • Select your own path from the 18 high-value courses
  • Access to each course for 365 days from sign up
  • Discover best practices derived from Advancement Resources research-backed content
  • Learn and review key skills in short, on-demand courses