Let these insights serve as a catalyst for further development, helping you to not only meet but surpass your philanthropic objectives, and strengthen the culture for philanthropy within your organization.

  • Commit to Addressing Needs and Interests of Donors: Develop tailored engagement plans for key donors, based on their interests and past support.
  • Respond Promptly and Transparently to Donor Concerns: Train staff in effective communication and empathy to enhance donor interactions.
  • Effectively Communicate the Organization’s Unique Qualities: Host events or webinars that showcase your programs and their impact.
  • Share Long-term Impact of Support: Engage donors in discussions about the organization’s vision and how they can support it.
  • Prioritize Purposeful Donor Interactions: Implement a stewardship program that focuses on deepening relationships.
  • Emphasize Quality Over Quantity in Donor Meetings: Conduct regular reviews of donor meeting outcomes to assess quality.
  • Support Confidence in Advancement Interactions: Facilitate partnerships between advancement staff and stakeholders for coordinated donor interactions.
  • Create Pathways for Career Development: Provide regular career development sessions and access to external training.
  • OptimizeMetrics and CRM for Meaningful Relationships: Train staff on advanced CRM features to analyze donor trends and preferences.
  • Use Robust Processes for Identifying and Qualifying Potential Donors: Use a combination of internal data and external research to refine donor qualification processes.

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