Inspire a powerful connection between your organization and the philanthropic passions of your supporters. Infuse your important work with deeper meaning—for both you and your donors—as you explore the facets of a donor-centric approach to philanthropy. Do this and more by implementing research-based processes and principles found in the Advancement Professional Education Series.

A global leader in professional development education, Advancement Resources has designed this innovative workshop series to maximize the time you spend inside and outside the workshop’s virtual classroom and the impact on your career. During the live working sessions, you will collaborate with your development peers as you apply the concepts to donors in your portfolio. Between sessions, you will gain valuable support from one of our certified coaches as you overcome real-life challenges in practicing a donor-centric approach to major gifts fundraising.

Experience this dynamic, highly interactive virtual training from the comfort of your own home or the privacy of your office. Walk away with a toolkit filled with essential process concepts in development. The knowledge shared by our accomplished facilitators, the strategic advice from our experienced coaches, and the invigorating conversations with your fellow participants will prime you for success in major gifts fundraising.


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Major gift fundraisers
Fundraising leaders
Development professionals
Planned giving officers
Other fundraisers interested in expanding their major gifts mindset



There are no workshops scheduled at this time.
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Learning Objectives

  • Use the Donor Commitment Continuum and the Donor Development Chart to identify and grow the level of commitment donors have to your organization’s priorities, projects, and programs.
  • Describe and implement the seven steps of the donor-centered Process for Facilitating Donor Development.
  • Recognize the two primary motivators for contributions most meaningful to donors.
  • Move donors beyond loyalty giving to drive larger and more meaningful, passion-based philanthropic investments (meaningful major gifts).
  • Prioritize your donor portfolios based on the Priority Grid to determine who you should spend your time with, what to do with that time, and what questions to ask.
  • Utilize a variety of methods to secure meetings with donors and potential major donors, including using value propositions, leveraging referrals/introductions, and responding to objections.
  • Describe a five-phase donor meeting process that leads to action.
  • Craft and deliver an Organizational Update within a donor meeting that leads naturally to a philanthropic conversation.
  • Conduct the Process for Locating Philanthropic PassionTM with donors to uncover deep-seated philanthropic passions related to the organization’s priorities, projects, and programs.
  • Prepare for and invite financial commitment using a six-point outline.
  • Recognize the three components of meaningful return on philanthropic investment from the donor’s perspective.
  • Learn and apply the Nine Navigation Points in building effective and resilient donor strategies.
  • Utilize a variety of strategies to build trust-based working relationships with organizational partners.
  • Design comprehensive donor engagement strategies to advance donor relationships with the organization.

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I thought the Advancement Professional Education Series was very helpful. It was thoughtfully prepared, expertly introduced, and the practice sessions are key to truly absorbing the information as well as learning from our colleagues. Thank you!

—Director of Development


Talking out the strategies with my team during this series was very valuable because they provided input and great recommendations. Clearly identifying prospects and delineating a step-by-step comprehensive strategy allowed me to really think about my approach.

—Assistant Director of Development



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This workshop is applicable for continuing education points in the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.