If you aren’t yet using video to tell your story, why not? Video plays to our human need to be connected through stories. It’s no wonder that many of today’s most influential communication platforms have embraced video. It is simply a far more effective way to engage and connect: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth ten thousand.

As you plot your web video strategy, the first place to begin is the personal story. By properly leveraging the power of a personal story, a video is elevated beyond simple pictures and sound into something engaging and memorable. Telling your organization’s story through high-quality video content is a way to emotionally grip your audience while connecting them to the very human element behind what you do.

Five critical videos that leverage stories and create lasting impact include:

1. Impact Story

In the simplest form, this is told by a beneficiary of the services your organization provides: a student who benefitted from a scholarship, a patient who has benefitted from new research into a cure, a client who was served in a transformational way.

2. Donor Story

Donors are transformed by their philanthropy. Capture this excitement and allow it to inspire other potential donors through their own testimony.

3. Vision Story

Shared through the lens of an inspired leader, this is the vision of where your institution is headed, and how and why you are doing what you do.

4. Philanthropic Opportunity

In the words of an enthusiastic faculty member, researcher, or service provider, this video shares the very specific opportunities available in a certain area and invites your supporters to engage and learn more.

5. Stewardship Story

This is similar to an Impact Story, but different in that it is a thank you video with a broader focus—representing the sentiments of all impacted by the philanthropic support already received throughout the organization.

In light of the rising popularity of video, it’s easy to fall into the trap of creating video solely to have it on your website. Publishing just any video does not guarantee that your viewers will become more engaged with your mission. By using a strategic approach, your organization can have a greater opportunity to reap rewards through effective video content.


Allow our team to help you build an effective web video strategy that captures these essential stories.