When something is bold and beautiful, it’s impossible to ignore. That’s why, every spring, we are captivated by the vibrant colors of flowers blooming. After a long winter, they fill us with enthusiasm for the promise of the season to come.

In development, our goal is to promote a bold, captivating, inspirational vision to advocate for the important work our organizations do—sharing the vision with donors, potential donors, community members, and others. Consider these four ways that your organization’s bold vision can be leveraged to create meaningful donor engagement opportunities.

1. Divide and Conquer

A bold vision is fractal, meaning that many projects can be part of it. The beauty of a bold vision is that its high-level goals are captivating—and we can show how other goals contribute to the high-level vision in a way that makes those underlying goals even more compelling to potential donors. Share with donors how an impactful contribution to a smaller project will help accomplish the overall vision as a powerful piece of your engagement strategy.

2. Dream Together

One organizational leader shared that, at his organization, a large part of advocacy for philanthropy is hearing opinions and advice from donors: “We get more than money. We get great strategic information. Many of the people that we come in contact with are very successful people. They’ve done great things in many industries, and we can learn from them.” Not to mention, inviting donors to dream with you will deepen their commitment.

3. Show Off

As your organization transforms through philanthropy, you can inspire donors by sharing the amazing things that the whole team is accomplishing. Every contribution can be shared in a way that invites others to join the effort to accomplish the bold vision. Invite donors and potential donors to explore the ways previous philanthropic contributions have made a difference.

4. Track Changes

A bold vision is measurable—as you make a difference for your community and those you serve, your organization can keep track of what these changes have meant. Remember that people like to hear stories about people. If you can share personal success stories and put a human face on your vision, donors will feel more gratified and potential donors will be more inspired.


Philanthropy truly makes a difference—and your bold vision proves this every day as you move closer to accomplishing the promise.